Keeping the environment cleaner and safer is a challenge that we face every day. The demand to maintain safe levels of pollutants in our industries is both costly and difficult to achieve.

Find the perfect balance of keeping our businesses profitable and environmentally safe is a major
goal to meet for any business. We at VMB Technologies, Inc. is dedicated in helping you meet that challenge.

The VMBTM -Aeration System sets new standards never reached before in aerobic waste management systems. The VMBTM-Aerators produce the smallest sized, the longest lasting, and the greatest volume

of vacuum microbubbles compared to all other competitors.

The result, a system that best supports the aerobic bacteria to address the problem of bio-chemical oxygen demand (BOD) and waste treatment.

Wastewater management is not the only thing that the VMBTM-Aeration System is used for.
The VMBTM-Aeration System can also be used to promote aquaculture applications.
It may be hard to believe, but VMBTM-Aerators' benefits fish and other aquatic farming in both fresh

and saltwater applications.
We've also found that hydroponics and other palnt life have been greatly aided by the use of the VMBTM-Aerators in the water system.