1.  Fine Bubble Diffuser vs. VMB®-22 Aerator(1/15HP)

1). Fine Bubble Diffuser-fine bubbles float up to water-surface and disappear to the atmosphere.

       No bubbles stay in water as soon as power-off.

2). VMB®-Microbubbles stay in water for a long time after power-off.

2.  Retention Microbubbles after power-off

After power-off of VMB®-Aerators, lots of micro & nano bubbles stay in water for a long time and travel

to every corner of the tank/pond by Brownian Movement.

3). VMB®-400S(400 watts)-Micro & Nano Bubbles

in Action (seawater-tank)

4). VMB®-32S(32 watts)-Micro & Nano Bubbles

in Action (seawater-tank)

What makes VMBTM-Aerator stand apart from other aeration devices is in the micro bubbles. Vacuum Micro bubbles are miniature gas bubbles of less than 50 microns diamter in water. The micro bubbles, which contain oxygen, can remain suspended in the water for an extended period. Gradually, the gas within the micro bubbles disappear.

These micro bubbles, being of extremely small size, are characterized by having electrical charges. They attract suspended floating particles very effectively. This particular property has been used in sludge treatment by using the micro bubbles to capture and float organic matters, thus decreasing the time required for the sludge treatment.

Micro bubbles also promote bacterial breakdown of sewage waste material, essentially peformed by one
of two basic processes, namely and aerobic process and an anaerobic process. The aerobic process requires oxygen for the bacteria to survive and successfully decompose waste material. Aerobic bacteria need a constant supply of oxygen on which to thrive and require continuous replenishment of dissolved oxygen consumed by the aerobes in the waste material.